Why Should Children Use Hearing Protection Headphones?

Why should children use hearing protection headphones?

With the portable products you can imagine, such as earphones, mobile phones, and tablets, they are all "competitively touted." We can see neatly "head down prayers" on the carriages at work. They are called The "head bowers" of the new century are scrambling to report, but at the same time they ignore the hanging objects on their ears.

In fact, scientific research shows that about 1.1 billion people are now at risk of hearing loss, and the perpetrator of hearing loss is actually the humble earphones.

However, headphones are not only damaging the hearing health of adults, but also beginning to "erode" the hearing health of children.

Nowadays, due to the impact of the epidemic, starting from 2020, online lessons at home have become a very common phenomenon. Many children will use headphones during online lessons. In addition, many parents now implement the "mobile phone tablet with baby" operation. Let the children wear headphones to watch dramas, listen to music, and learn English by themselves without disturbing themselves.

But after a long time, parents discovered the abnormal behavior of children "wearing headphones for a long time", and parents began to worry about their children's hearing health.

After noticed this phenomenon, he also began to pay attention to the importance of hearing protection. Therefore, Ouyier suggested that when using headphones, the decibels should not be too high, and the time of listening to music or other audio should not be too long. Time for ear relaxation.

Wearing earphones for a long time at high decibels can affect children’s hearing, and in severe cases, it can cause inflammation. After wearing earphones, they will often miss other people’s voices, and even the sound of car horns. It is prone to car accidents or other dangerous problems.



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