What Should I Do If The Data Cable Has Aged For Several Years?

What should I do if the data cable has aged for several years?

In real life, all items have a service life, ranging from household appliances and refrigerators to our commonly used mobile phones. All items will age, including some accessories, such as the data cable for charging mobile phones. They also have a service life and will also age. , If it is used for a long time, various problems will inevitably occur. So, how to solve these problems?

Problem 1: The plug is corroded.

Solution: Try to wipe with alcohol cotton to eliminate rust.

Problem 2: The most common problem with the interface is that the reeds of the connector are in poor contact and cannot be charged.

Solution: In the case of careful maintenance, no other problems will occur in a short time, and it can be used for a relatively long time. Otherwise, prepare a spare data cable in advance, just in case.

Problem 3: The bending of the wire body causes fatigue of the copper core and other materials, resulting in breakage and other phenomena, resulting in failure to charge.

Solution: This situation usually occurs at the place where the wire is habitually bent, or near the plug. It is better to spare a data line.

In addition, the number of plug-in/out times of the data line has reached or exceeded the specified number of times. In the early days, the USB interface was designed to have a life span of hundreds of times, but now most of them can reach 10,000 times.



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