What Is The Reason For The Delay Of The Bluetooth Headset? Is There Any Way To Completely Solve The Delay?

Since the iPhone canceled the 3.5mm headphone jack, the Android lineup has followed suit and canceled the headphone jack. Although the AirPos experience is very good, major Android manufacturers have also released a lot of Bluetooth headsets to solve the inconvenience caused by canceling the headphone jack. However, the inherent delay problem of Bluetooth headsets can be very annoying and crashing when playing games or watching videos. For example, when watching a video, the picture and audio are out of sync, and when playing a game, it takes only half a second to hear the gunshots.

Why does the bluetooth headset have a delay? First, let's talk about the principle of bluetooth data transmission. For example, when the mobile phone Bluetooth sends data, the data is first packaged into a small package, and the Bluetooth headset terminal receives the data packet and then disassembles it. Therefore, different chips have different data processing capabilities, which will cause different delays.

1. The amount of data will affect the Bluetooth delay

In the process of packing and unpacking, if there are a lot of things in each package, the time to take them out will be different. If there is only one item in a package, it is easy to put it in and pack it and unpack it after receipt.

2. Different protocols will also affect

The decoder can be understood as unpacking, unpacking with bare hands or using scissors to unpack it is different. It will be much slower to remove the tape with bare hands, and it will be much faster with scissors. The scissors are also blunt or sharp. Yes, work efficiency is different. And also pack things, some boxes can be packed in more, such as aptX and aptX HD. The cost of packing and unpacking in each method is also different. It seems that aptX has a technology that can automatically reduce the delay by adjusting the audio bit rate.

3. The sending device and the receiving device need to support the protocol at the same time

This is easier to understand. The mobile phone supports LDAC, so your Bluetooth headset must also support LDAC. LDAC is a proprietary protocol of Sony, so you need Sony headsets to enjoy it. And mobile phones also have to support, Android 8.0 comes with, iPhone does not support. Of course, the LDAC agreement is more about sound quality.



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