The Phone Data Cable Is Broken, You Can Use This Method To Repair

Friends who like to play with mobile phones may encounter such a problem, that is, the data cable fails due to various reasons due to long-term use. In most cases, one of the cables in the data cable is broken or caused by poor contact. Don't worry, if you have strong hands-on ability, you can use this method to repair and look at the major stainless steel markets in China. If you don't have strong hands-on ability or don't want to be troublesome to repair, then buy a new data cable.

Since the mobile phone data cable plays the dual responsibility of charging and transmitting data at the same time, it is used frequently and has many failures. If you have a strong hands, it can be completely repaired. Follow the method to repair, 100% can be repaired, and it is the original Just as beautiful and durable. The method is described below:

Prepare the following tools: soldering iron, solder paste, solder wire, universal meter, small modification knife, and other necessary tools. Open the end of the data cable connected to the mobile phone, which is a clip structure, use a small knife to gently slide the clip outwards, and then gently push the fingernail cover into the gap in the middle to open it. Use a universal meter to measure whether each wire is normally connected. Most of the faults are that a certain wire is broken in the middle and cannot be seen from the outside, causing the data wire to not be used normally.

After finding out the problem, it is best to find a USB cable and replace it. After the replacement, it is as beautiful and durable as the original one. The USB cable can be found in the following ways: USB extension cables, broken USB mice, USB keyboards and other USB-connected devices can be easily found. If your USB cable is turned on and the color is different from what I said, it doesn’t matter. Follow my method and it will succeed.

The important point is that the mobile phone end of the data cable will not be broken, as long as you can find a good USB cable and follow my method, in order to achieve the original effect, the threading clip on the mobile phone end of the data cable must be removed. On the mobile phone end of the data cable, the middle is the stuff through which the USB cable passes. Remove the original bad cable, pass the good cable through and then solder it, so that the replaced data cable can be as beautiful as the original one.

If you have poor hands-on skills, don't do it yourself, otherwise the more you practice it, the worse it will be, and it won't work at all. It is best to find a professional repairer, if you don’t want to repair it, you can buy a new data cable.



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