How Much Do You Know The Difference Between Magnetic Data Cable And Ordinary Data Cable?

How much do you know the difference between magnetic data cable and ordinary data cable?

Recently, a friend saw that a friend was using a magnetic data cable, so what exactly is a magnetic data cable?

What is the difference between a magnetic data cable and a normal data cable? Which one is faster to charge? Will there be a safety issue! Many small partners often have such questions. They often see people using magnetic chargers, but they don’t know the difference with ordinary chargers, so I don’t know whether to buy or not, so let’s take a look at the magnetic data cable. Is it much different from ordinary data cables!

Magnetic data cable is also called magnetic charging cable, magnet charging cable, magnetic charging cable, magnetic charging cable, magnetic data cable, etc. Mainly used in smart wear, 3C digital, smart home, car navigation detection, medical equipment and other electronic products to achieve charging, signal transmission and other aspects. In fact, there is little difference between a magnetic data cable and a normal data cable. It is more convenient to use a magnetic data cable when driving, and the transmission speed is similar to that of a normal data cable.

  1. A wide range of interfaces, which can support mobile phones with Apple, Android, and Type-C interfaces to achieve the effect of one-line three-use, fast charging and fast data transmission!

    Magnetic data cable

2. Slim size, miniaturization and wide application. Different from the traditional data line interface that is common in life, the new magnetic data line interface is more suitable for use in increasingly miniaturized electronic products and equipment, and can withstand more than 10,000 repeated plug-ins .Easy to use, regardless of pros and cons, 360-degree blind insertion, the error rate is reduced to 0, the performance is more stable, and your safety is escorted.

Strong power supply capacity, magnetic data cable can provide up to 100W power output, bidirectional power supply can be realized through USB magnetic data cable interface, which can supply power to external devices or charge the device itself, and the charging time of the device can be shortened correspondingly . So it charges faster than ordinary data cables!



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