How Is The Wireless Charging Of Mobile Phones Done?

How is the wireless charging of mobile phones done?

How is this type of wireless charging of mobile phones accomplished? First, a coil must be installed on each of the mobile phone and the wireless charger. When the coil of the charging board is connected to the switching power supply, it will cause a continuously changing electromagnetic field. When we put the mobile phone on the charging board, the coil on the back cover of the mobile phone will magnetically induce the transformation of the electromagnetic field and cause the electric current. Then the mobile phone converts the electric current into a DC power supply to charge the rechargeable battery of the mobile phone.

With wireless charging, it feels a lot more convenient. It can be charged when you put it on. Most of the time you can ensure that the phone is fully charged when you are sitting, and you are worried about going out suddenly and the phone is running out of power and you forget to charge it. . And today's wireless charging technology has long been perfect, the charging output power has already caught up with the cable TV, and the charging rate is also very fast.

The wireless charging coil modified by the iPhone inside the protective case makes the protective case the same as a mobile phone. The use of thin coils with multi-core twisted wires, its amorphous ferromagnetic materials, and thermally conductive materials are all conducive to improving the high charging efficiency and heat dissipation during the whole process of wireless charging.

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