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  • headsets for phones
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headsets for phones

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  1. Camouflage appearance, makes you different

  2. 50mm heavy bass moving coil loudspeakers and neodymium magnetic speakers combined with air-roundabout strengthening cavity, delivering vivid sound field, sound clarity and sound shock feeling

  3. High performance, -36dB omni-directional capacitive polar microphone brings a high-quality conversation

  4. Ergonomic design with additional soft PU earmuffs and its headband material is lightweight, the stretchable headband will not press your head

  5. Compatible with mobile phone, tablet, computer, MP4

headsets for phones



Model K1-B

Material Plastics, PU Leather

Speaker Diameter 50mm

Impedance 20Ohm

Microphone Impedance 2.2k ohm

Microphone Sensitivity -36dB+-1dB

Plug Types 3.5mm Plug

Frequency Range 20Hz-20KHz

Cable length 1.2m

Sensitivity 117dB+-3dB

twistable headband headphone

Packing Dimensions & Weight

Item Size 21.5*19.5*9.5cm

Item Weight 346g

Package Weight

One Package Weight 0.50kgs / 1.10lb

Qty per Carton 20pcs

Carton Weight 10.80kgs / 23.81lb

Carton Size 56cm * 45cm * 40cm / 22.05inch * 17.72inch * 15.75inch

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